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LastRound Refill

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A refill pack of 7 rounds from LastObject to use when your originals are either in the laundry or you just need to stock up on a new batch. The magic material is home compostable and turns soft when wet!

Add water to soften the rounds and apply your favorite toner, cleanser or makeup remover. Wash with soap and water and let it dry before you pop it back into the container, or toss it into a Laundry Bag and wash it with your laundry. Each round can be reused 250 times, so with 7 rounds you'll eliminate 1750 single-use cotton rounds!”

Theses rounds are made from 30% cotton and 70% wood fibers, and are fully home compostable.


Please allow 7-10 business days.

We are located in Santa Rosa, CA